1000+ Birthday Wishes for Best Friend | Whatsapp Best Friend Birthday Wishes

Today in this Post, I have a Huge Collection of the Birthday Wishes for Best Friend. That Best Friend’s Birthday Wishes are for both Boy and Girl. I’ve also created a separate Category for all the Belated Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend or Boyfriend and Girlfriend. So if you are among them who always tend to forget your Best Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriend’s Birthday, then these Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl or Boy can be really Helpful for you.

I know there are many Other Blogs offering all the Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends but still I’m happy that you have visited us and give us an opportunity to prove that we are better than any other in terms of the Number of the  birthday wishes for best friend female or make friend but also the Quality of our wishes are always very Friendly and unique. If you are a female and want from us all cute and lovely birthday wishes for best friend male, then we will not disappoint you eighter, we will dedicate an entire section for all those beautiful birthday wishes for best friend male or boyfriends.

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I just hope that all my long birthday messages for a best friend would be liked by you and If you like them, you can Copy and Download these Best Friend Birthday Wishes or Belated Birthday Wishes and can share to anywhere. The Best Idea can be used all these birthday messages for a special friend in your Whatsapp Status. Whatsapp being the most popular Messaging App can grab everyone’s Attention and Special it will be a Best Way to Surprize your Best Friend or Special Friend.

Long Birthday Messages For A Best Friend

Just like the river, our friendship has always flown. Smooth and carefree. And I wish to live with this friendship even after our souls get mixed into two different oceans. I wish ‘us’ a very happy birthday. ‘Us’ because your happy days have always been mine too.

The colors of the rainbow are never enough for you. You deserve much more than that. Just like you filled my life with colors, I wish to fill your life with light. May you always shine brighter than the sun. I love you so very much. Happy birthday, best friend!

This day is one of the most special days for me in the calendar. Maybe it is even more special for me than you. Had this day not been there, I would have never known the meaning of true friendship. Thanks for coming to this world and making me know the meaning of what friendship actually is. Happy Birthday to the most special friend I have.

Birthday wishes For Brother

Happy Birthday <Name>. This year, as you grow older, I am glad that you are growing older with me. Every year, when one of us has his birthday, it makes me realize we are here together, exploring life together, and getting hard times together. I wish every year you grow older, I am there to witness it to the very end. I love you.

It is once more that time of the year when you add a number to your age. But it is amazing how it is not just adding numbers. It is more about adding experiences, knowledge, and amazing people to your life. I wish you add the best of memories, experiences, and lessons this year as well. Anything that happens- both good and bad should only help you become a better person. Happy Birthday my Best Friend.

Don’t count the candles that you light up, look at the amount of light they give. Don’t count the number of years that pass, count the beautiful experiences you add to every year of your life.

Birthday wishes For Sister

On the very special occasion of your birthday, I want to remind you again how important your presence is to me. You make every day of my life special, by being beside me through thick and thin. Today, to make it special for you, I want to remind you that I am there just like you always are- through the thick and thin, now and forever.

Today’s day is a true blessing for me since it made me fortunate enough to have you. Though it is your birthday, I feel like it is a sweet reminder and a gift to me. I am grateful that we met, talked, became close, and share this amazing friendship. No matter who stays or who drifts away, the fact that you are the only constant in my life makes me feel fulfilled. Thank you so much for being born on this day. Happy Birthday!

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Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friend:

The best part of my life is to have a therapist like you. They say that laugh therapy is good for health and I can never find any joker better than you. Happy birthday, idiot!

Sometimes I sit for a while and think how boring life would have been if you were not crazy enough. Thank you for taking the beast out that has been residing inside my body for years. I want to spend all my insane moments only with you. Be there, forever. Happy birthday!

I never understood why everyone said, “Life is beautiful”. Then I found you and realized what life really looks like. We’ve been laughing, living, loving and bitching together. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s bundle up innumerable crazy moments and make each other even more insane. Happy birthday, best friend!

To the craziest lady, I’ve ever known. I wonder how we’ve turned the dark nights, hilarious with our silly talks. How we’ve lifted up each other at our lows. How often we’ve been recognized as lesbians. And we’re still the same. Hilarious and insane! Happy birthday, you creep.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Another year has passed and you have grown older! I wish this year brings more embarrassing moments that you whine about and I get to laugh about. Happy Birthday my clown!

Out of all the accidents that took place in the world, you are the most useful one. You make me laugh, after all. Happy Birthday!

My life would have truly been a disaster without you. You uplift me, make me feel special, and make me realize I am worthy. Every time I feel like I am an idiot, dumb, stupid, silly, and whatnot, all I have to do to make myself not feel left out is look at you. And when I look at your face, right next to me, smiling at me- I realize the world has an abundance of people like you and I am least abnormal compared to you. Happy Birthday to the craziest one in the room.

I am both happy and sad that on your birthday today. I am happy because it is a very special day. And I am sad because despite this being a special day, it has still not made it to the calendar as World’s Fool Day. I am sure, you can put April 1st to shame. Happy Birthday my talented friend!

Happy Birthday Wishes Sms

Now lets have a look for some of the best and unique collection of Birthday Wishes For Best Friend.

It’s your birthday my friend, So wishing you more smiles, Wishing you lots of Luck, Along with my Love! Have a super day! Wish you a Happy Birthday!

God is so wise that he never created friends with Price Tags. If he did, i wouldn’t have been able to afford a precious friend like you. Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend of mine.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, of all the things i got to see in life, you are the most treasured one. So, wish you a lovely birthday, Stay Blessed!!!!

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Friends help each other.
when a time is bad.
they’ll stay by your side.
When you feel sad.
They’ll be with you.
Till the end of the Earth.
And we’ve been friends since birth.
And they’ll stick with you.
Just like a tattoo.
They’ll never get mad.
When you change the plans.
We are best friends forever.
Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day My Best Friend !.!.!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest person i know. it’s you, my best friend with you, Life is so simple, there is nothing to pretend, Happy Birthday to You !.!.!.!

Happy Birthday Best Friend Funny

Happy Birthday to my bestie,
You and me like inseparable souls,
You play the most important role,
In my life,
Happy Birthday Best friend!
Spread your magic and cheer….

You may not be the only friend I have but you are definitely The only friend I NEED…Happy Returns of the Day Friend !.!.!.!

I Have Three Wishes For You on Your Birthday MY Dear Friend, 🙂
First… I wish That This Birthday Teaches You Something New and Beautiful. 8)
Second… I Wish that You have a Day That You’ll Remember Forever with a Smile, 🙂
And Third… I wish That Such Days keep Coming in Every Single Day. 8)
Happy Birthday Dear Friend !!! 🙂

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Birthday wishes For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday to The Best Friend I Ever Had,
Let’s Celebrate This Special Day of Your Life,
And Party Like There’s No Tomorrow..! 🙂

Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday My Best Friend…
May Your All Wishes Becomes True on this Special Day…
Happy Birthday My Dear Friend !!! 🙂

Special Friends are a Rare Find,
But am I Glad That You are One of Mine!
For my Favorite Friend,
I wish You All Your Favorite Things on Your Lucky Day.
Happy Birthday to a Friend I’ll Never Forget! 8) 🙂

Wishing my Friend a Beautiful Day, 🙂
Hopes and Dreams I am Sending your Way,
May All be Good and All Come True,
On This Very Special Day For You! 8)

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

You are an Amazing Person and The Best Friend of Mine, 🙂
May God give You All His Love and Warmth in Every Step of Life,
Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday! 8)

You are Such a Special Friend!
It’s a Pleasure to Remember You Anytime,
Especially on Your Birthday,
Have a Great day Ahead! 🙂

My Friend, It’s Time to Pop the Champagne,
Make Some Noise,
Dish out Some Food,
Throw Some Confetti and Burst Some Balloons,
Celebrate Your Birthday,
You Deserve the Best!
Happy Birthday !!! 🙂

Funny Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Enjoy The Music as Your Friends Chant the Lovely Happy Birthday song!
Make the Most of Your Big Day Today!
Happy Birthday Dear 🙂

Today is a Perfect Day to Tell You that You are a Wonderful Friend,
Happy Birthday! Wishing You all The Best Today and Throughout The Coming Year! 8)

Happy Birthday to You!
I wish That Your Life Blossoms Into many of Your Most Cherished Desires Come True. 🙂

Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

It is Your Birthday,
You Are more Than Allowed to Act Like Crazy!
It’s Time You Showed The Mettle You Are Really made Of! 🙂

Happy Birthday If I should have to wish you a Pleasant Day,
Let me First say Thanks to God for Creating a Wonderful Friend like You.
I Believe Today is Your Perfect Day, Special day, Lovely day,
Amazing Day and Wonderful day. Celebrate with Happiness,
Wish you a Life Full of Joy in Your Birthday Today,
Happy Happy Birthday to You Dear Friend! 8) 🙂

You are Such a Special Friend,
Who Deserves a Special Day,
For Being Who You Are and,
Bringing Joy in Every Way.
You make me Smile and Laugh,
With Everything You Do,
So Today I Get to Send,
A Special Birthday wish to You My Sweet Friend! 🙂

The Perfect Recipe for Your Year Ahead Should be 20 Percent,
Love mixed with 30 Percent Luck.
Add on Top 20 Percent Courage and Garnish It with 30 Percent Health.
Say Cheers To Life And Have a Happy Birthday! 🙂

Do You Know Why I Never Need to Ask for any Blessings From God?
That’s Because He has given me Friend Like You!
Happy Birthday to You My Dear Friend. 🙂

Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

Wishing My Friend a Beautiful Day, 🙂
Hopes and dreams I am Sending Your Way,
May All be Good and All Wishes Come True,
On this Very Very Special Day For You!
Happy Birthday to you!

A birthday is only once a year, but our friendship is very special and meaningful to me every day. Today, on your birthday, I want you to be happy, so you can count on me to make your day a happy and memorable one.

Best friends are supposed to share everything with each other, so I am celebrating and sharing your birthday with you like it’s my own. I celebrate the beautiful friendship we share! Happy Birthday, buddy!

Birthdays are a special occasion celebrating your entry into this wonderful world. Enjoy your special day and rejoice in the gift of life, family and friends.

Birthdays will come and go but I’m your best friend and I’ll always remain by your side cheering you on and supporting you in all the decisions life brings your way.

Cake, candles, greeting cards, gifts, and all the trappings of the birthday tradition, don’t come close to what I wish for you on your special day.

Birthday Wishes For A Special Female Friend

Everything in life happens for a reason, I believe we were put into each others lives to be best friends. I love you and hope your birthday brings you all the wonderful things you deserve.

For my best friend on their birthday, may the stars align just right for the perfect night of celebration. I love you and hope your day is everything you hoped for.

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Good friends are hard to find but now that I have found you I’m not letting go of the wonderful friendship we have. Today on your birthday I want to prove how happy I am to have you in my life.

Happy birthday to my best friend: the one who laughs at my jokes and cries with me during my heartaches. I love you, and will always be here for you.

Happy Birthday to the friend who has been there through it all. I don’t know where I would be without you. This is your special day, so let’s make it memorable!

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend In Hindi

Happy birthday to the one person who knows me better than anyone in the world. Let’s make your day a special one that we will talk about for years to come.

I can always count on my best friend for a shoulder to lean on, so for your birthday, let’s get some drinks and celebrate. In return, I will be your shoulder to lean on at the end of the night.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the day you were born would be one of the best days of my life! Happy Birthday to my best friend!

I hope you never forget that I am your best friend, and am always here for you. True friends are hard to find, but here we are. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

I wish a very Happy birthday to my closest friend. May you be filled with joy and surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.

My best friend is my partner in crime, today is a day of celebration and trouble making for this best friend duo. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Quotes For Someone Very Special

Only a true friend can stand by me through thick and thin. Thank you for always being someone I can trust. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Out of all my friends you are the best and you deserve the very best on this very special day. Happy birthday dear friend!

Roses are red and violets are blue, I’m so honored to have a best friend like you. Sending you plenty of love and luck on your birthday.

Sending bunches of birthday wishes to my best friend on one of the most importance days of the year. May you be blessed today and throughout the year with nothing but joy and happiness.

To my best friend I hope your birthday grants you all the wishes that you hoped for and all the happiness in the world.

Today is a day to celebrate your birthday, but on this very special day I want you to know how much I appreciate our friendship.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend Letter

Today is your birthday so today is all about you. Let’s celebrate you and your special day!

Trouble is coming to the city, because it’s your birthday and we are going to celebrate a night on the town like there’s no tomorrow! Have a happy and fun-filled birthday, buddy!

When all the dust settles and all the smoke clears, I know you’ll be here for many more years. Happy Birthday to you, and may all your dreams come true!

You came into my life and never left. I value our friendship more than you could ever imagine. Happy Birthday! This is your special day!

You make me smile when I am sad; you tell me jokes when I’ve had a stressful day. I just want to take today to thank you for all that you do for me and return the favor of making you happy on your birthday.

You are so humble and genuine person.
Being the most sensible person, you are down to earth
I wish to spend my whole Life with you as a friend
Wish you a wonderful Birthday Wishes Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Female Friend

Its not possible for me to let you know that
How much I care for You But whenever my Heart beats,
it silently say I LOVE YOU my friend, Happy Birthday Wishes Best Friend.

Bees are attracted to honey.
So if these bees come and attack you
It’s not their fault at all. Happy Birthday Dear Friend

My best friend, you have made my life
As joyous as ride of Roller Coaster
Thanks for being my friend. To you Birthday Wishes For Best Friend.

You know you are a perfect gift for me.
You are like a soft music with perfect tuning
You are like a song with such a meaningful lyrics.

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