Best Short and One Liner Sick Status for Whatsapp. FB in Hindi, English

Whatsapp Sick Status One Liner

Sick Status and Quotes are something that is not really easy to Find Online. But If you are Feeling Sick and want to Update a Whatsapp Sick Status or maybe FB Status that you are feeling Sick then, it’s the right place to find them. We are updating few Short Sick Status by that you can express your Sickness even Online. And the One Liner Sick Status are also useful for your Whatsapp Status also. I am very much sure that you will Love all the Hindi Sick Status for Whatsapp and FB and you can also share them for all the Loved ones who actually cares for you.

Cool and Cute True Love Status for Whatsapp in Hindi and English

So without wasting much time talking about the Feeling not Well or Feeling Sick Status, Let’s take a look on them… And you can also Copy or Download all the Sick Statuses.

Sick Quotes

Woke up sick.

Sick of being the only one trying.

Worrying about getting sick can make you sick.

Being sick is your bodies way of saying.

I’m sick of getting my hopes up for nothing.

I’m the opposite of home sick, I’m sick of being home.

I am sick of acting like I feel nothing for you.

Those days when I feel sick, but I’m not really sick, just sad.

Is sick and tired and tired of being sick and sick of being tired!

You know what’s the worst? Being sick in the Summertime.

Feeling Sick Quotes

Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.

Sick of being nice and getting it thrown back in my face!

Those days when I feel sick, but I’m not really sick, just sad.

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

HATING is an emotional disease… so for those who hate me… Hope you get well soon…

The feeling of being sick, but you’re not really sick. You’re just sad, upset, unhappy. You just feel like laying in bed all day.

You know when you feel like u got a bad life,think of those people who don’t have a home,a family,or sick. Then how do you feel?

Short, One Liner Own Engagement Status for Whatsapp and Facebook [HINDI]

Prayer For The Sick Quotes

Instead of calling in sick, call in well. Tell them how great you feel not having to go to work today.

I feel physically sick when thinking about all the work i have to do. projects, assignments, exam revision. ugh shoot me.

The trickiest tongue twister in the English is apparently “Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”.

I have low self esteem, feel ignored, feel empty, get jealous, have trust issues, and pretty much always feel like I’m not good enough

If kindness is a disease, caring is a syndrome, and loving is a virus then I m deeply ill, cause I cannot find a better cure than you.

I’m tired and sick of being the one who cheers up people when they’re sad… because when I’m the one in need of someone, nobody is there to make me feel better.

Being Sick Quotes

I never feel alone beacause loneliness is always with me.

I am not lazy I am just on my energy saving mode.

If someone wishes you goodnight every day, you are happier than so many people.

Some people are like slinky’s pretty much useless but make you smile, When you push them down the stairs.

I am honest when i say you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

On April fools day ,We should meet real people on Facebook or whatsapp.

One Liner, Short Best Friend Status for Whatsapp, Facebook in Hindi

Funny Sick Quotes

Everything’s complicated, Even those things that seem flat in their bleakness or sadness.

Smile in-front of those who hates you -It like kills them.

My mind makes me a girl my attitude a bitch and my class a lady.

If you think I am bad than you’re wrong i am the worst.

I never insult people i only tell them what they are.

Someone stole my heart; may i check your bra?

I am single as my love story is being written by god and he is busy i making it best.

I am not changed its just i grew up and you should try too.

I Am Sick Quotes

2 minute silent for those, Who seen but didn’t like my posts.

Yes I have made mistakes because life didn’t come with User manual and instructions!!

Attitude s are more important than facts.

Take charge of your attitude, Don’t let someone else choose it for you,

The only disability is a bad attitude.

Some people are just so fake that if you look properly at the back of their neck you all find a tag saying made in china!

If liked your status on Facebook that means you have entertained me.

The best thing about being me I’m a limited edition and there are no other copies!

If people have a problem with you always remember it is their problem.

Short, One Liner Miss Best Friend Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Illness Quotes

When someone says;you are ugly tell them oh sorry was trying to look like you.

90% of the time i say brb it just means i don’t want to talk to you any more.

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.

The ideal attitude to be physically loose and mentally light.

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character-> Albert Einstein

I enjoy when people show attitude to me because it shows that they need van attitude to impress me.

I cant change the direction of the wind but i can and just my sails to always reach my destination.

You will find a girl prettier than me smarter than me and funnier than me but you will never find a girl just like me.

Love Sick Quotes

I taught your boyfriend that little thing you like.

Nothing positive comes from being negative all the time change your attitude.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, If you don’t change it you all never go anywhere..>

Good news is i am smiling ,Bad news is its the kind of smile that people should fear.

People will love you, People will hate you ,Others will secretly wish to be you,

Can you do me a favor? Take a picture of you self and send to me ,I am playing cards seem to be missing the joker.

1000+ Short, One-Liner Quotes about Fake Love for Whatsapp, Facebook

Sick And Tired Quotes

I don’t have an attitude !!!I have a personality you can’t handle!!!!

The only difference between success and failure is ones attitude.

For success attitude is as much important as ability.

Do not give advise unless you are asked to.

Your imagination has to do with your life, It is for you to decide how you want your imagination to serve you.

If you think you are too small to make a difference try steeping in a closed room with a mosquito.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you!!!!


The problem is not the problem; The problem is your attitude about the problem!!!!

Sick Status Quotes in Hindi

“Jab lafdko par film bani to uska naam “Ek tha tiger “Par jab ladkiyo ka number aaya to “Ek thi dayan”

“Jab paida huye hum to saal kisi se tak baat nahi ki.”

“Mai meri Ex-Girlfriend ko dusre ke saath dekhkar kabhi bura nahi manta.!! Kyonki meri maa ne kaha hai, Khele huye khilauney Garibo me baat dene chahiye…ha ha ha.

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